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RBYC Breakwater & Pier


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Woodbourne's Involvement:
Civil engineering
Electrical engineering
Plumbing engineering
Fire protection engineering

Woodbourne Associates

Additional berths for yachts and other small pleasure craft have been added adjacent to the RYC Hamilton Harbour facility. A combination of precast concrete elements and cast in place concrete on steel "A" frame piles was utilized to provide access to floating finer piers.

The new structure provides a breakwater giving sheltered mooring conditions in all but the most inclement weather.

Electrical power and fresh water hose bibs are present at each of the floating pier mounted marina pedestals, and two electrical substations are raised above the pier level to provide as much protection from high tides and storm surges as possible. A mains supply water pipe has been incorporated to provide fire fighting capabilities at all berths.

 RBYC pier